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Is Profit a Problem?

No, probably not. To a normal individual who has other beliefs that also guide their behavior, profit is a a fairly safe goal. When we think of profit, we do with our conscience in tact. Profit seems a safe goal because we know ourselves and know we would not break our conscience in order to profit.

When Ford calculated that paying off the families of future dead Pinto drivers would cost less than a recall of the faulty gas tanks, What did Ford decide to do? It sounds terrible, but it wasn't Henry Ford himself who decided to let all those people die. It was Ford the corporation, years after his death.

Take away you, the individual and your conscience, then the only goal is Profit. Profit without other normal human concerns. Today Corporations are king. The individuals that are running these companies know that their biggest risk is losing money. They know they are judged by the bottom line first. Even when companies do get caught breaking the law, the individuals themselves rarely suffer at all, prison time is very rare. Fines paid by the corporations become just one of the normal 'factored in' cost's of doing business.

We've been told for years that Profit is a good goal. Told that we will all buy the best products first and they will make the most profit, so the best products will win. The part we missed was the potential meaning of the word 'best'. Best seems to mean 'Highest Quality', unfortunately best really meant 'the ones we want the most'.

Price, availability and advertising now enter the game and in these areas, Money Talks!!! Now whoever can get to your doorstep first, with the best message or the cheapest price becomes the winner. The tomato we eat today is grown for shipping durability, looks and shelf life. Flavor and Nutrition do not factor in to the growers plan. Why would they? People deserve the right to buy cheap tomatoes. If they want something better, they'll pay for it.

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